Bioflavia Customer Comments


The following are unsolicited comments from customers who have used Bioflavia and wanted to express their experiences. These comments are in no way meant to be health claims as they may relate to the use of Bioflavia.

As an approved Natural Health Product by Health Canada the only Bioflavia health claim we are approved to make is:


“Bioflavia is a source of antioxidants for the maintenance of good health.”


“Since taking Bioflavia my hair seems to be growing quicker and thicker, fantastic product!”

Emily D.


“I have lost weight and have more energy. My friends tell me I am looking so much brighter. I am feeling great, even my skin is glowing.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Cathy G.


“As a keen cook I adore using red wine in family meals, however alcohol doesn’t complement my healthy lifestyle. So when I found Bioflavia I was over the moon. It adds all the flavour of red wine to sweet and savoury dishes without the calories. It even detoxes the system and lowers cholesterol. It’s the ingredient I will never live without now. I look great, feel amazing and my food is more delicious than ever.”

Martina Mercer, UK Author and Journalist


“I’m getting on well with the Bioflavia. I bought it initially because of its high antioxidant content. I sprinkle it on my food throughout the day especially sandwiches. Your information states that it helps to prevent constipation — it certainly does! Best food for keeping regular that I know of — calls of nature are always within an hour of waking in the morning. I can’t measure the effect of the antioxidants at the moment but I’m 75 and if I’m still here in 25 years I’ll have the answer! Great product.

Jim M.


“Hi Robert: I’ve got some good news. Yesterday I received my newest CEA cancer blood count and I am so happy that I can say the Bioflvia is working.  It’s down two points. You should’ve seen the smile on my face.”

Barb W.


“Hello, Will this product still be available due to crop damage this year? If so, I need to stock up. Great product for ph level and almost eliminates all my allergy symptoms.”

Jennifer B.


“Hi Robert, I am a Certified Nutrition Practitioner opening a practice and spa. I am presently in the development stage of my business, looking for products to promote on my website and eventually sell in my practice. I came across the Southbrook website when looking for future Eco type tours for my clients. I was drawn to your Bioflavia supplement. I immediately purchased a jar and began using it. I love the fact that this is a Canadian/Organic/Green product and would like to speak to you about the potentially representing Bioflavia through my business.”

Barbara B.
“Okay so I have been taking this religiously for a little over two months. I’m a multiple cancer survivor and I also rely on science as a lobbyist. That said, nine years ago I developed a condition after Cancer. Basically I don’t create enough B lymphocytes and this can cause infections. I have been on a very expensive pharmaceutical med for three years, the cost is ASTRONOMICAL!
While this is not very scientific, with no other variables, in fact increased stress (single mother of child with Autism), I have been able to GO OFF OF THE MED and my immune system is maintaining or rather working in a way I haven’t seen in three years. I am not sure if I will have to return to meds, but for almost a month I have been off them and no problems. Like I said I made sure there were NO new supplements to try to keep my home experiment as clean as possible. I’m not telling people to go off their meds, you should always consult your own doctor. I am ONLY telling you about MY situation and I can as far as I can see attribute it to this very powerful anti-oxidant! So THANK YOU BioFlavia for saving me thousands of dollars AND improving my health. ”

Norrah Whitney


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