Antioxidants – Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle with Bioflavia™!

A Powerful Antioxidant Boost

Ever wonder why an apple turns brown after it is cut open? You are witnessing the destructive effects of  oxidation! Like the apple oxidation or “free radicals” causes similar harm to the cells in our bodies.

Excessive free radicals impair the functioning of the human body by accelerating the aging process and contributing to many degenerative diseases including cancers, heart disease, diabetes, cataracts, osteoarthritis and even Alzheimer’s.

Medical research has documented that consuming high anti-oxidant rich foods can provide your body protection from a number of these potential diseases.

In fact, Health Canada recommends that we consume between 7-10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily to obtain our daily intake of antioxidants. Due to today’s busy lifestyles this is not always possible and as a result we typically do not consume the recommended daily intake of antioxidants.

The level of antioxidants in our foods is measured in Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity Units (ORAC). ORAC is a measure of a food’s ability to neutralize all five free radicals found in the human body. Bioflavia may just be the answer. A single 5g serving of Bioflavia™ provides 42955 ORAC Units.

Consuming 5g of Bioflavia will give your body a powerful antioxidant boost for the whole day. It’s easy, convenient and a delicious way to incorporate antioxidants in your body on a daily basis. 

Try Bioflavia™ in a smoothie, juice, mix with yogurt, sprinkle on cereal or salads. Bioflavia is also great as a baking ingredient in breads, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, pizza crusts and more. The variety of  uses is just about endless. So enjoy Bioflavia everyday…your body will thank you!

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